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Fun with Anfra - A priest's emergency fund in the contract calculation?


The story of Anfra: Can fun be a company value? How do we at Anfra combine fun and agile thinking to build a better tomorrow?

Anfra Oy and Pölkky Oy contract for the piling, earthworks and concrete construction works of the Kajaani sawmill drying plant


Anfra Oy and Pölkky Oy have entered into agreements on the sale of Pölkky's Kajaani sawmill. the ongoing investment project of Pölkky Ka Kaunas. Anfra Oy will be responsible for the new drying plant of the new drying plant in terms of piling, earthworks and concrete construction.

Bridge builders needed


Last year, we decided to strike a blow in bridge building. It is admittedly a sector that has been overrun by a huge number of notches, but it is an interesting one.

Anfra Oy expands its activities - Introducing Anfra-Fences!


Anfra Oy continues to expand its operations. We set up a subsidiary Anfra-Aidat, which focuses on the manufacture and sale of armoured mesh fences and gates.

Worthy of our environment?


I'm sure many of you are familiar with this story. You often find that what you ignore or neglect, you find in front of you.

Anfra Oy and Omexom sign a contract for a large construction contract and ARCH/CON design.


Anfra Oy and Omexom have signed contracts for an electricity distribution project in Oulu. Anfra Oy will be responsible for the architectural and structural design of the project, as well as for the construction works.
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