Anfra Oy and Stora Enso sign contracts for a new board mill


Anfra Oy and Stora Enso sign contracts for a new board mill

Anfra Oy and Stora Enso have signed agreements for the billion-euro Stora Enso Oulu plant.the investment in the on-site construction and operation of wood processing and power plant sites. prefabricated building contracts. They contain around 10 000 to 12 000 cubic metres of concrete, with the largest single pour being 1 800 cubic metres. The cooperation will provide a good continuity with ongoing and upcoming industrial contracts.

The works are part of an investment in the decommissioning of a paper machine at the Oulu mill. will be converted into a production line for consumer packaging board. A similar change was made on a smaller scale at the factory a couple of years ago, but now the current investment is about three times larger than before. The investment will 300 new workers are hired at the factory.

In recent years, Anfra Oy has developed into a heavy-duty concrete contractor. As the business developed, the old name A-Perustus Oy was also changed to the new one. giving too narrow a picture of the company's sector. Anfra Oy is an infrastructure and concrete contractor serving all over Finland. The Oulu-based company was founded in 2015 and in 2022 the company's turnover was EUR 38 million. The company will continue to grow profitably in the coming years and this will bring new jobs, especially for project managers.

The most significant works currently underway are the foundation and construction works for the Aurora line. ground works, site works for the new mill at Junnikkala sawmill, earthworks at Pölkyn sawmill and local casting works, Metsä Fibre's Kemi bioproduct plant, and various electricity network substation renewal contracts around Finland. Year 2023 as a whole will have a strong focus on industrial, energy and infrastructure construction.

The environmental aspects of concrete construction will be carefully considered in the near future, and the way the sector works is changing. As a responsible operator, Anfra Oy wants to be involved in making a change towards a more environmentally friendly direction. The company's mission is to be "a concrete builder worthy of our environment". Anfra Oy has responded to this in recent years by establishing an ISO 14001-compliant management system to reinforce a previously certified management system. an environmental management system, which will be certified in early summer 2023 in the context of management system audits. As a strong part of the value of our environment will also involve optimising structures in a more environmentally friendly direction. This was already significantly implemented in Metsä Fibre projects through the optimisation provided by our redesign concept.

When the first contract is signed, snap a picture. Ari Saarnio from Storan Ensol on the left and Kenneth Akerlund on the right. In the middle Ari Ilvesluoto from Anfra.


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