to the future of
infrastructure construction

Anfra is an efficient, youthful and growing top professional in concrete and infrastructure construction.

We create the foundations

for better construction

Anfra Oy is a company established in 2015 that serves builders in all aspects of on-site casting and related construction. Our success is based on the efficiency of our working methods and logistics, the combination of design and execution, and the courage to boldly innovate the construction industry.
Our open-minded approach stems at least partly from the youth of our staff. On average, we are 30-somethings who want to succeed and develop the construction industry.

Our mission is to provide a high quality and cost-effective service through more efficient working methods and plans. Our vision is to make Anfra the best infrastructure and concrete company in the Nordic countries.

Anfra has been growing rapidly, as our turnover has grown by leaps and bounds since the year we were founded to €38 million. The company originated in Oulu, but now operates throughout Finland.

Previously, Anfra was known as A-Perustus. The name was changed to better reflect our current activities.

our world of values

Our work is based on values of fun, openness, firmness and care. These values are reflected every day in Anfra's activities.


We like to work and it shows. Humour often takes up an inordinate amount of time and resources to make work fun and effective in a positive atmosphere.


Our open approach is reflected, among other things, in the fact that our customer relationships are ongoing. We are open within the company and to our clients. We are fair in proposing solutions that are appropriate for the client. We want to hear their feedback on our work so that we can improve.


We are as solid as concrete, because we have honed our operating models to be efficient in every way. This benefits the client first and foremost - the end result is high quality and delivered on time. This is also reflected in our ability to keep our promises and our straightforward approach to feedback.


We take care of our customers and each other. Safety at work is important to us, which is why we ensure the quality of equipment and tools, as well as safe working practices. We also care about the quality of our work, the success of our customers and the environmental and social sustainability of our operations.


Safety at work is paramount

It's important to us that safety at work is seamless in our projects. We provide safety training and ensure that the work is always done with the right tools and the right equipment.

We operate in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety. Safety is maintained at the work sites in accordance with the required guidelines, in cooperation with our customers. We eliminate risk factors on sites through continuous monitoring and assessment.

With these measures, we have raised our occupational safety to an excellent level!


Building responsibly

We act responsibly towards the environment, society, our staff and our partners. By acting in an ethically sustainable way, we ensure that we are building good now and in the future.
It is also a responsibility that our work will stand the test of time in Finland's harsh weather conditions.

ANFRA in figures

These figures reflect the scale of our operations.

We employ



38 M€

in 2022






construction sites per year