In September we conducted a staff satisfaction survey and now we are pleased to publish the results with you! 

As one of the measures of human resource management, we use the eNPS score in different areas. The NPS value is an international recommendation index that measures how likely customers or staff are to recommend a company or its services. A-Perustus' human resource management indicators are employee satisfaction eNPS, front-line employee eNPS and employee engagement eNPS. We were strongly positive on all measures and we are proud of the results.

The NPS score for staff satisfaction this year was 75. Jaakko Alasaarela, CEO of Zeffi Oy, commented that A-Perustus' NPS figures are exceptional for a company of this size and industry. The total number of respondents to the survey was 106.

Q: How likely would you be to recommend A-Perustus as a place to work to a friend?

Previous year 50 (change +25)

Q: How likely would you be to recommend your sponsor to a friend or colleague?

Q: How likely are you to be working at A-Perustus in a year's time?

Our strengths were definitely the working atmosphere, the work ethic, the tools, the responsibility and freedom, and the common desire to make A-Perustus the best workplace in Finland! We have invested in things like tools, leadership and working atmosphere in recent years and we want to continue to strengthen our strengths even further.

Can there be a better goal than to be the best place to work? The best thing about it is that it is employee-centred. Last year, our goal was to reduce sickness absence and we are pleased to announce that sickness absence has decreased compared to the same period last year.

Annual development areas and strengths are discussed with all staff. Last year's staff survey identified the skills and feedback of frontline staff as an area for development. The new Zeff survey will also allow us to monitor the perceived value of our employees and its development. Appreciation is one of the foundations of job satisfaction and commitment. Of course, a metric does not tell the whole story and it is good to be on top of the situation all the time in daily, weekly and annual discussions.

In the weekly check model we use, each chaperone goes through the news once a week with their own staff. The model has been found to be a good tool for developing feedback and interaction between the chaperone and the subordinate.

This year, the development of rewards, communication and leadership will be a focus for further development. Development work is already underway....towards the best and most sustainable workplace in Finland! 

You can read more about A-Perust as a workplace here:


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