Customer cooperation with Omexom Oy

A-Perustus has already collaborated with Omexom Oy on several substation projects. The projects have been longer-term construction contracts, for which A-Perustus has carried out the concrete structures and in some cases also the earthworks. We interviewed a number of people involved in the projects, including Seppo Yli-Renkoa, who works as a construction manager at Omexom Oy.

Omexom Oy in Finland is still legally Infratek Finland, but is known as Omexom Oy. VINCI Energies owns the Omexom brand, under which Infratek Finland operates as part of a large international network of experts. Omexom has a turnover of around €4 billion and employs around 23 000 people worldwide. It operates in 37 countries. Its activities cover energy generation, distribution and transmission, substation construction, maintenance and regional services. However, not all of the company's activities are carried out in Finland; the main role is played by the construction of substations and the distribution of electricity. Omexom Oy has approximately 240 employees in Finland.

A typical substation project covers all construction work from earthworks to building a house. A-Perustus is involved in the project from the pre-tender stage. Our experience from several substation projects gives us the incentive to comment on the design and method of the civil engineering works and to propose solutions that will bring efficiency to the implementation. A-Perustus also designs all concrete structures, if required. The installation and procurement of equipment and the procurement and installation of metal components related to the construction works, such as fire hydrants, fencing and gates, are handled by A-Perustus. The necessary site management for the works is included in the project, so that the client does not have to concentrate on the construction work and there are no ambiguities in the scope of the works, as everything is handled by a single contractor.

Seppo Yli-Renko first heard about A-Perustus from his subcontractor, and our cars on the roads, painted in the company's colours, had caught his attention. This sparked him to learn more about our activities and we soon decided to build our first joint substation in Muhoksi.

In Muhox, A-Perustus carried out the basic work, so to speak, without any problems, even though the conditions during the construction of the high walls of the transformer bunker were very challenging. "The installers did not complain unnecessarily and pushed ahead with the work in challenging conditions without any complications, that was impressive," Yli-Renko says. "There was no need to be disappointed afterwards. It's straightforward and the aim is to get the job done. The guys are skilled and hard-working, so it's been easy to work with these guys," he continues.

After the Muhos site, there have also been common sites in Kalajoki, Tornio and Yli-Ii. In newer sites, such as Yli-Ii, A-Perustus' contract also includes civil engineering and structural and foundation design of the transformer bunker for the test building.

"The surprise has been that, regardless of the circumstances, the attitude to work is excellent and the work has been of high quality," says Seppo Yli-Renko. "Expectations have been high since the first target, that the boys will get the job done," he laughs and continues that the work has gone as expected, with a jovial finish.

As a construction manager, Yli-Renko has found through experience that direct and honest communication is the best way forward for all parties. He expects diligence, straightforwardness and honesty from his partners. "Let's call things by their right names and put the cat on the table if we need to, rather than letting them fester and get bigger and bigger," Yli-Renko says. In construction, despite good foresight, there is often extra work. Open discussion is also important because sometimes they also give rise to claims against the builder, and agreeing in advance is the easiest way to settle things. "Professionalism is being able to say what has been calculated and how the work will be done. All parties must be able to get paid for their work," Yli-Renko stresses. "A-Perustus has met expectations in these areas and all the foremen and workers have been honest and transparent. I have been very satisfied with this."

"The experience of A-Perustus is good. I have nothing but positive things to say and would certainly recommend it to others. I really hope that A-Perustus will continue to do well in the future", Yli-Renko enthuses. "It's hard to blame you when you have succeeded!"


Read more about substation construction https://anfra.fi/sahkoasemat/



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