We offer comprehensive concrete structural design and related structural design for various construction projects. Our special expertise lies in cost-effective design.

We carry out building inspections on already planned sites and optimise the plans as necessary to minimise carbon emissions and costs.

Customers have been very satisfied with our design. Based on customer satisfaction surveys, the NPS measurement score is up to 85 (1/2024)

Optimising the design

brings savings for you and the environment

Well planned is only half done. Fortunately. Most costs are already locked in at the planning table, so it's always worth being critical of the plans you make. If the optimisation of structures, production engineering, prefabrication of essential structures or even the use of fibre concrete is not considered, the implementation will be expensive, slow and damaging to the environment.

Our effective cooperation between design and production ensures that the design is always based on cost-effective and feasible structures that take into account the impact on our environment. We check all our sites for optimisation before the production phase, whether it's designed by us or by another design agency. If there is potential for savings, we offer our clients the opportunity to optimise the structures before implementation.

For example, optimising plans involves finding out whether:

  • are the structures technically suitable for production?
  • sizing of structures done using the most efficient methods?
  • concrete strength and stress classes optimised?
  • steel quantities and installation technology optimised?
  • strengths of structures optimised?
  • possible to use fibre concrete?
  • number of piles optimised?

The review results in cost savings of up to 10-30% in material and labour. The actual work on site could be reduced by up to 50%. Where potential savings are found, there is no need to be timid about redesign. In most cases, the benefits are many times greater than the additional cost of the design.

Read more about our Development Director Marko Liukon Article from on the oversizing of concrete construction.



why design

from us?

FISE | qualifications for demanding concrete structures

 The productive perspective

➯ Cost-effectiveness
➯ Overall economy

adding value for the customer

➯ Flexible delivery content
➯ Optimisation of existing plans before implementation (redesign)
➯ Production expertise involved in the design

With or without contracting structures

Data model-based design

➯ 3d / illustrative and easy to read plans
➯ Tekla Structures, Robot Structural Analysis


➯ Minimising emissions impacts through structural optimisation
➯ Environmental system


In addition, our designers have played a major role in the structural design and supervision of the following projects:


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