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road structures

We offer design services for bridges and other bridge structures, from preliminary design to construction planning. We also carry out the construction of bridges and other structures.

Design of road structures

Our design services make use of collaboration between in-house design and production. Through this collaboration, we ensure optimal and cost-effective structures on a site-by-site basis. We also implement projects using the design and build (ST) model. 

We also carry out reviews of pre-planned sites for structural improvements and upgrades. If necessary, we can offer, for example, an alternative bridge structure with plans for a bridge on a private road, in addition to the client's design, if we find it to be a more economically and technically efficient solution.

We design all kinds of structures for the built environment.

Examples of design targets include:

  • bridges
  • piling
  • retaining walls
  • water and coastal structures
  • noise barriers on roads and railways

We design for industry, private roads, municipalities, ELY centres and the Finnish Transport Agency.

our services

We also provide services such as:

Our designers have more than 15 years of experience in designing bridges and other bridge structures and managing design projects. Our qualifications include:

  • FISE Design of concrete structures, Exceptionally demanding
  • FISE Design of steel structures, V+

Read more about our design services and references Structural design -from the website.

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FISE Design of concrete structures, Exceptionally demanding, new construction, bridges

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