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We employ more than 160 concrete construction professionals.

Our organisational structure is low and we strive to avoid unnecessary hierarchy. A good working atmosphere and team spirit brings out the best in all of us.

Comprehensive employment benefits and a modern style of management make us a great choice in the labour market.

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Partner comment:

"Anfra's staff stood out from all the other 100 customers in a way I have never experienced before. The differentiating factors included the mutual respect and team spirit of the staff. The atmosphere was fresh, open and immediate. Everyone was everyone's friend."

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See also "behind the scenes" -video to see how much fun we have! 🙂


We offer a variety of topics for your thesis and provide a scholarship for the completed thesis. Read more on the "students" link!

Now there is still a need for some future experts interested in concrete and infrastructure construction. We have a great working community here, where you can develop into a professional. A career path can be organised according to your skills and interests. In a growing company, there are many opportunities for all grades.

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