Quality concrete construction requires strong professional skills and experience, which we have built up over the years from our numerous projects.

We provide cast-in-place concrete structures such as foundations, concrete frames, shelters and floors. We also carry out structural design on site if required.

Halls and commercial buildings

construction of premises

We provide cast-in-place structures and floors for all kinds of hall construction needs and various production facilities. Structural design can also be included.

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Nurseries, schools and care facilities


We have experience in implementing a variety of public buildings, from kindergartens to schools and care facilities. We can also integrate ground works into the foundation work, which usually makes construction more efficient.

Our services include consulting, structural design, implementation and equipping of S1 class shelters throughout Finland.

Population protection and protective products


We provide all the services related to the implementation of S1 class civil protection shelters. For the best and most cost-effective results, involve Anfra from the very beginning of the shelter design process.
Our full service includes consulting, structural design, implementation, equipping and inspections of S1 class shelters throughout Finland.
The implementation of population shelters is a strictly regulated activity. We also have excellent expertise in the requirements of the relevant legislation.
We provide a single price that covers the entire project from design to implementation.

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Phosphoric acid tank protection basin and tank foundations

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